Planning enforcement

Sometimes building work is not carried out in line with planning permission or permission has not even been granted.

To deal with this, we operate an enforcement service.

Every year we look into over 1,000 complaints about allegedly unauthorised developments.

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Report a planning breach 

If you feel that there has been a breach of planning control, report it to us.

You may be able to rectify the problem yourself by having a word with the person involved. They might not be aware there is a problem or might have already been granted planning permission.

To enable us to investigate properly we will need your name, address and telephone number. We will not respond to anonymous reports.

It would also be helpful if you could tell us when the use or building works commenced and how they are affecting you personally.

All calls are handled in confidence, but if legal action is taken your anonymity cannot be guaranteed.

Certain developments, such as small house extensions, are given deemed permission by law and we have no control over them.

We have no control over works completed more than four years ago.

Please also note that we have no jurisdiction over civil matters (eg. boundary disputes).

Planning Enforcement Policy