Conservation area design guides

Conservation area design guides contain practical advice and information to help you make repairs and improvements to your home that will help to preserve or enhance the character of the area.

Between 22 June to 4 August 2017 we are inviting comments on the following design guides:

Amendment to Queen's Park Conservation Area Design Guide (2013)

The Queen's Park Conservation Area Design Guide (2013) sets out what extensions and alterations to dwellings can normally be considered acceptable in a conservation area.

Section 3.1 of the guide states that rooflights are not permitted on the front elevation of dwellings.

However, representations have been received from the Queen's Park Residents’ Association (QPRA) confirming that they do not object in principle to the insertion of single conservation-style rooflights on front roof slopes.

As a result, our planning committee of 2 July 2015 decided that as long as rooflights are of a conservation-style, are sensitively located and are modest in size, a single front rooflight is acceptable despite what the design guide states.

The Brent Planning Committee decision therefore allows an interim change to the interpretation of the Queens Park Conservation Area Design Guide until the design guide can be formally amended to reflect the confirmed views of QPRA.