Planning policy

Local plan

A collection of documents that sets out our strategy for future development. 

Shaping Brent’s Future Together

The Local Plan will shape how the borough develops over the next 20 years.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Advice on key urban design principles, residential extensions, shopfronts and more.

Neighbourhood planning

Find information about Neighbourhood planning.

EIA screening and scoping opinions

Find information about EIA screening and scoping opinions.

Current Planning Policy Consultations

Find information about the current Planning Policy consultations.

Authority Annual monitoring reports

View our Annual Monitoring Reports that reviews development within Brent. 

Flooding and flood risk

Find out about flood risk in Brent, the Flood Risk Assessment and how to find out if you are in a flood risk area.

Self build and custom build register

Find information about the self build and custom build register.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a new charge on development that replaces our Standard Charge.

The Brownfield site register

The Brownfield register is a list of previously developed (brownfield) land in Brent

Article 4 Directions

Find information about Article 4 Directions.

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