Current Planning Policy Consultations

The Council has commenced the review of its Local Plan which will be subject to on-going consultation.

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Closed Planning Policy Consultations

Local Plan Examination and proposed modifications consultation – Open 8 July – 19 August 2021.

After three rounds of public consultation and all comments taken into consideration, the draft Local Plan was submitted to the independent Inspectors for examination in March 2020. As part of this process, public hearings were held between September-October 2020. As a result, a series of changes were required to resolve the issues raised by the Inspectors to make the Plan sound and legally compliant.

The Council is required to consult on these proposed changes, which have resulted in documents: Main Modifications (reference: Core_ 04_d), Additional Modifications (Reference: Core_04e), Policies Map (reference: Core_ 06e) and Integrated Impact Assessment (addendum incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment).

Only the above documents can be commented on, and representations can only address ‘soundness’, or legal compliance issues. Other parts of the Plan that haven’t changed cannot be commented on.

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Local Plan Publication consultation – Closed late 2019

We consulted on the ‘Publication’ document. It incorporated changes which were a result of consultation on the Preferred Options document. The consultation of this document focused on the criteria of the 'soundness' of the Plan.

Consultation at this stage helped to refine the Plan to ensure these criteria are met. The consequent changes, together with the Publication stage Local Plan make up the Submission Local Plan.

Local Plan Preferred Options consultation – Closed late 2018

We consulted on a ‘Preferred Options’ document. This document represented the residents preferred options identified by the consultation process during the Issues and Options stage. The comments received on this document, and their subsequent changes forms part of the new draft Local Plan Publication Stage consultation process.

Brent Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document (SPD1) - Adopted on 12 November 2018

The Brent Design Guide (SPD1) provides advice on key urban design principles. It gives a positive message that Brent essentially welcomes and encourages new development of high quality design and recognises the benefits that it can bring. It aims to assist developers, designers, local communities, planning officers and the Planning Committee to better understand what is expected of new development depending on its surrounding context.

Consultation on this document closed on 5th July 2018. The comments received were addressed and Council’s Cabinet adopted the revised SPD1 on 12 November 2018. Brent’s previous Design Guide for New Development Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG17), adopted in 2001, is now revoked.

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Draft Shopfronts Supplementary Planning Document SPD3 - Adopted 18 June 2018

High quality shopfronts can radically improve the character and appearance of an area. This enhances the experience of the people visiting town centres. It is one strand of a number of initiatives that Brent Council is implementing to increase the vitality and viability of town centres, which is a key corporate priority.

The document also addresses the likely increase in demand for changes of use of shop premises to residential. The draft Supplementary Planning Document will assist with both the determination of prior approvals for permitted development and planning applications.

Brent’s existing Shopfronts and Shop Signs Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG), adopted in 2003, is outdated, referring to planning policies that are no longer part of the development plan. This means that its weight as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications is limited. In addition the draft Shopfronts Supplementary Planning Document provides more extensive guidance and clarifies design expectations for applicants, planning officers and the community on what is likely to be granted planning permission.

Comments were open from 1 February 2018 to 15 March 2018.

Brent Local Plan Issues and Options Consultation - Closed 22 March 2018

The council has started work on a new Local Plan which will shape how the borough is developed in the future.

We consulted on an ‘Issues and Options’ document. This sets out more detail on the key planning challenges facing the Borough until 2041 and how we might address them. It asks a number of questions. The consultation period was from 8 February to 22 March 2018.

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