Draft Brent Local Plan


Latest Update

The Main Modifications consultation is now closed. This ran from 8th July to 19th August 2021. This was the Councils last public consultation on the draft Local Plan. The representations received regarding the soundness of these proposed modifications can be found at the bottom of the page here. The Council is now considering its response to these representations. These will be published on the Shape Brent webpage once finalised.

The modifications consulted on were proposed in response to issues raised during the Local Plan Examination Hearing Sessions. These are without prejudice to the Inspectors’ ultimate conclusions and recommendations on the Plan. The Main Modifications set out a series of changes required to resolve issues that make the Local Plan unsound or where it is not legally compliant. These include Main Modifications (including modifications to the policies map), and Minor Modifications. These, along with their incorporation into the draft Local Plan and supporting evidence documents which arose as a result of the Examination process, can be found below:


Hearing Sessions - closed

Due to COVID-19, Examination in Public of the new Brent Local Plan took place virtually, on Zoom. This was over a three week period beginning the week commencing 28th September 2020. The Inspectors produced a guidance note on how the virtual meetings will be managed, and how people could get involved. This can be found here. The timetable for the hearing sessions that took place can be found here. The Individual agendas for the hearing sessions can be found in the table below, under 'hearing session agendas'. To ensure compliance with data protection, both the Inspectors (Inspectors Privacy Notice) and the Council (Brent Privacy Notice) produced Privacy notices. These explain how the information you provide during these sessions will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Matter AgendaDate of Hearing Session
Matter 1 Agenda: Legal and Procedural Requirements 29/09/2020
Matter 2 Agenda: Vision, Strategy and Objectives 29/09/2020
Matter 3 Agenda: Flood Risk 30/09/2020
Matter 4: Strategic Transport Infrastructure and Delivery 01/10/2020
14/10/2020 - 15/10/2020


Inspectors Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQ's) - closed

Having regard to Government guidance in the Written Ministerial Statement of 13 May, the Inspectors published their Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs) Inspectors Examination Guidance Note can be viewed here. Taking account of recent proposed changes that take effect on 1st September to the Use Classes Order, the Inspectors have issued an addendum to the MIQ's. The Council's Response to these MIQ's, and the Hearing Statements of other stakeholders can be found here.

The deadlines for parties to notify whether they intend to participate in the Examination Hearings was Tuesday 12 August and for the submission of Hearing Statements in response to the Inspectors’ Matters, Issues and Questions was 4pm, Wednesday 26 August 2020. 


At its meeting on the 19th February 2020, Full Council approved the draft Brent Local Plan and supporting documentation for submission for examination. The Council submitted the draft Brent Local Plan to the Secretary of State on 17th March 2020. See statutory notice.

The Regulation 19 Publication Plan, together with the Proposed Modifications, make up the Submitted Local Plan.

All documents submitted at Submission stage to the Secretary of State can be found here.

Additional documents which have been submitted after Submission and in support of examination can be found here

The Planning Inspector

The Council has been appointed the following two Inspectors:

  • Christa Masters, MA (Hons), MRTPI
  • Andrew McCormack BSc (Hons), MRTPI

They will examine the Plan, supporting evidence and representations received to the Regulation 19 consultation.

Once the Inspector has thoroughly assessed the Plan they will, if they consider it appropriate, undertake hearings at an Examination in Public. It will be for the Inspector to determine the scope of the Examination Hearing Sessions and who they wish to invite to those sessions. The Council has notified the Inspector of those that made representations who indicated that they would wish to appear at any hearings to make their representation in person. Where the Inspector has requested additional material for clarification, it will be made publicly available here on the Shape Brent webpage. For more information on examination timeframes, this webpage will be updated when necessary with new information.

The Inspector will examine the Plan against the test of soundness set out in the NPPF:

  • Positively Prepared (i.e. the Plan seeks to meet needs);

  • Justified (i.e. the Plan is supported by evidence);

  • Effective (i.e. the Plan is ‘deliverable’) and;

  • Consistent with National and Regional Policy (i.e. broadly aligns with both the NPPF and the London Plan).

The Plan will either be considered sound and ready for adoption assuming Inspector recommendations are implemented, or unsound.

The Programme Officer

The Council has appointed Andrea Copsey as the Programme Officer for the Local Plan. Andrea is independent from the Council and will work under the direction of the appointed Inspector. Throughout the examination process, the Programme Officer will deal with all procedural and programming matters relating to the Inspector and Examination.

For all matters concerning the examination, please contact Andrea Copsey as below:

Andrea Copsey

Examination Office, PO Box 12607, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 9GN    


07842 643988