Post Submission Documents for Examination


This page includes all documents which have been uploaded after the initial submission on 17th March.



 Statements of Common Ground


 GLA and London Boroughs


 Transport for London


 Canal and River Trust


 Thames Water

 Affinity Water


 Environment Agency


 The Mayor of London, Represented by the Greater London Authority



 Dialogue between the Inspectors and the Council








Supporting Evidence Documents


Response to Quod Representation



Air Quality Action Plan (2005-2010) - superseded by below:

Air Quality Action Plan (2017-2022)


Air Quality Assessment and AQMA Review


 Air Quality Annual Report 2018


 Cemeteries Strategy (2013)


 School Place Planning Strategy (2019-2023)


 Brent Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (2018)


 Mayors Transport Strategy 2018


 West London SS SHLAA Non Technical Summary


 West London SS SHLAA Part B Report 1


 West London SS SHLAA Part B Annex


 - Updated Housing Trajectory (Detailed) August 2020

 - Updated Housing Trajectory (Summary) August 2020


London Plan Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) 2017


London Plan Office Policy Review 2017


Inspector Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQ's)

   Matter 1 - Legal and Procedural Requirements
 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 1
Ikea Property Investments - Matter 1 Hearing Statement


   Matter 2 - Vision, strategy and objectives
 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 2


   Matter 3 - Flood risk

 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 3

Flood Risk Sequential and Exceptions Test update

Environment Agency (EA) - Matter 3 Hearing Statement


  Matter 4 – Strategic transport, infrastructure and delivery
 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 4
Transport for London (TfL) - Matter 4 Hearing Statement


  Matter 5 – Housing

 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 5

 Quintain - Matter 5 Hearing Statement
Quintain - Matter 5 Further Representations (BH5)
Unite Group - Matter 5 (and 6) Hearing Statements


   Matter 6 – Economy and town centres

 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 6

 Braeside Properties - Matter 6 Hearing Statement
Greater London Authority - Matter 6 Hearing Statement

Ikea Property Investments - Matter 6 Hearing Statement

St. George - Matter 6 Hearing Statement

Unite Group - Matter 6 (and 5) Hearing Statements


   Matter 7 – Design, Heritage and Culture

 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 7


   Matter 8 – Social, green and sustainable infrastructure

 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 8


   Matter 9 – Places (including Site Allocations)
 London Borough Brent Response to Matter 9
Kelaty Properties - Matter 9 (BSSA1) Hearing Statement
 London Hotel Group - Matter 9 (BSWSA10) Hearing Statement
St. George - Matter 9 (BSWSA7) Hearing Statement


  Matter 10 – Delivery and monitoring
London Borough Brent Response to Matter 10


 Other documents relating to the Inspector MIQ's

 Core_01a: Brent Draft Local Plan Table of Contents

Core_4c: Brent Local Plan Proposed Modifications Consolidated August - September 2020

This has superseded the proposed modifications for August (Core_04a) and September (Core_04b) as it serves to consolidate them for clarity.

(Rep. no. 61) Transport for London Commercial Development (TfL CD) Regulation 19 Representation Amendment - and Explanatory Cover Note


  Post Hearings Documents 
PHD_01  Post Hearings Letter - Brent Employment Land Work


The documents included in the below table were required by the Inspectors as a result of the Examination in Public Hearing Sessions. Each document has been produced in response to one of these actions, as identified in the summary spreadsheet which can be accessed here.

  Post Hearing Action Documents
PHA_01    Action ref 1, Natural England reg 19 HRA response
PHA_02 Action ref 3, Covid SCI
PHA_03 Action ref 4, Key Diagram
PHA_05 Action ref 15, TfL car club strategy
PHA_06 Action ref 15, parking-policy-2020-v5
PHA_07 Action ref 16, Western Corridor Study
PHA_08 Action ref 16, Medium Term Plan 2018 - 2022
PHA_09 Action ref 19, Brent long term infrastructure needs
PHA_10 Action ref 19, Appendix A, phase 1 infrastructure projects
PHA_11 Action ref 24, Neighbourhood forum area housing figure report final
PHA_12 Action ref 26 & 61, Intensification Corridors Background Report
PHA_13 Action ref 29, Small sites Delivery Assumptions in the Brent Local Plan Dec 20
PHA_14 Action ref 36, Affordable housing delivery summary gross
PHA_15 Action ref 36, Affordable housing delivery summary net
PHA_16 Action ref 43, Houses in Multiple Occupation Policy BH7 Note
PHA_17 Action ref 49, OPDC statement
PHA_18 Action ref 52, Figure 34 town centre hierarchy
PHA_19 Action ref 54, Shisha cafe locations map nov 2020
PHA_20 Action ref 57, Barnet views report statement
PHA_21 Action ref 64, cemeteries capacity statement
PHA_23 Summary Version of Housing Trajectory Jan 21 (.pdf, 519kb)


The below table includes all representations received during the Local Plan Main Modifications consultation, which ran from 8th July and 19th August 2021. The Council is now considering its response to these comments.

  Main Modifications consultation representation
MMR_1 1 Canal and River Trust
MMR_2 2 Theatre Trust
MMR_3 3 Quintain
MMR_4 4 Barratt London
MMR_5 5 The V Fund Ltd
MMR_6 6 Universities Superannuation Scheme
MMR_7 7 Marchmont Investment Management
MMR_8 8 Resident
MMR_9 9 IKEA Properties Investment Ltd
MMR_10 10 Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum
MMR_11 11 Kilburn Village Residents' Association, Brent Eleven Streets, Queen's Park Area Residents' Associations and Brondesbury Residents And Tenants
MMR_12 12 Maddox Planning
MMR_13 13 Resident
MMR_14 14 Resident
MMR_15 15 Resident
MMR_16 16 Resident
MMR_17 17 Sport England
MMR_18 18 Resident
MMR_19 19 OPDC
MMR_20 20 DTZ Investors
MMR_21 21 Sudbury Court Residents' Association
MMR_22 22 SAI Architects & Assocs
MMR_23 23 Transport for London (Spatial Planning)
MMR_24 24 Resident
MMR_25 25 Transport for London Commercial Development
MMR_26 26 St. George
MMR_27 27 Wembley Towers
MMR_28 28 Thames Water
MMR_29 29 Stonebridge Real Estate Development
MMR_30 30 Sonal Worldwide Ltd
MMR_31 31 Resident
MMR_32 32 Northwick Park Partnership (NPP)
MMR_33 33 McDonalds Restaurant
MMR_34 34 Brent Cycling Campaign
MMR_35 35 Environment Agency
MMR_36 36 Avision Young
MMR_37 37 Greater London Authority/ Mayor of London
MMR_38 38 Asiatic Carpets Ltd
MMR_39 39 Highways England
MMR_40 40 Sudbury Town Residents Association