Publication Local Plan (Stage 3)

The below Publication stage Local Plan is now a historic document. This document went out for public consultation in late 2019. It incorporated changes which were a result of consultation on the Preferred Options document (i.e. stage 2). The consultation of this document focused on the 'soundness' of the Plan, being assessed against the following criteria:

  • Positively Prepared (i.e. the Plan seeks to meet needs);

  • Justified (i.e. the Plan is supported by evidence);

  • Effective (i.e. the Plan is ‘deliverable’) and;

  • Consistent with National and Regional Policy (i.e. broadly aligns with both the NPPF and the London Plan).

Consultation at this stage helps to refine the Plan to ensure these criteria are met. Find changes as a result of this consultation (in the Proposed Modifications document. These changes, together with the Publication stage Local Plan make up the Submission (i.e. stage 4) Local Plan. This is the Plan the Council intends to adopt. This can be found here, which, along with the supporting Submission documents, represent the Councils current draft Plan.

Publication Stage (Regulation 19) documents: