Further information on validation requirements

National List

  • A completed application form
  • A location Plan
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Environmental Statement and non-technical summary
  • Information about the proposed use or uses, and the amount of development proposed for each use. Applications must also indicate the area or areas where access points to the development will be situate. 
  • Ownership Certificate and Agricultural Land Declaration
  • Plans, drawings or information necessary to describe the development
  • The appropriate fee 

Download further information on the above validation requirements

Local List

  • Affordable Housing Statement
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Air Quality Neutral Assessment
  • Archaeological impact statement
  • Basement impact assessment
  • Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) additional information form
  • Contaminated land survey
  • Daylight / sunlight assessment
  • Demolition plan (at a recognised metric scale)
  • Drainage Strategy
  • Digital Model of Proposal
  • Ecological assessment / protected species survey
  • Employment Land Assessment
  • Energy statement
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Foul sewage and utilities assessment
  • Heritage statement
  • Lighting assessment
  • Noise and/or vibration impact assessment
  • Planning statement
  • Plans and drawings or information necessary to describe the subject of the application (or indicative drawings in the case of an outline application where the relevant matters are reserved)
  • Retail Impact Assessment
  • Servicing and refuse management plan
  • Site plan
  • Site survey
  • Statement of community involvement
  • Sustainability statement including BREEAM pre-assessment
  • Townscape / visual impact assessment
  • Transport Assessment, including Travel Plan
  • Tree survey / arboricultural impact assessment
  • TV / Radio Reception Assessment
  • Ventilation / extraction statement
  • Wind microclimate assessment

Download guidance notes on the above Validation Requirementsset out in the Local Validation Lists.