From blocks of flats

The service you get is:

  • Communal recycling and general waste bins
  • Communal food waste containers

All Brent residents living in blocks of flats have access to communal recycling bins and most have access to food waste containers.

Your recycling service is mixed, easy to use and you can recycle more materials than ever before. You do not need to sort your recycling materials using different recycling bins.

Read our flats recycling service leaflet for more information about how your recycling service works. 

There are a number of different sizes and colours of bins used for blocks of flats and the communal bin that you use may not look the same as the one shown in the service leaflet. 

All the communal bins have labels that clearly show all the materials that you can recycle. 

If you believe that your block of flats does not have the communal recycling service please contact us. 

If you have large items to recycle, you can arrange for a special waste collection, or you can visit the Abbey Road Reuse and Recycling Centre

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