Terms and Conditions

Chargeable Garden Waste Service Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made between the customer (you) and Brent Council (us) and sets out the terms and conditions of use of the chargeable garden waste service.


1. The Garden Waste Service costs £60 each year for the period 1st April to 31st March.
2. You can either pay online or by phoning 020 8937 5050 and selecting ‘Option 1’.
3. Payment taken will show on bank statements as being made to Veolia, who are managing the garden waste service on behalf of Brent Council.
4. You have 14 days after you sign up to cancel the service.
5. After the initial 14 day cancellation period, the council will not refund the cost of a garden waste service, even if you no longer require the service.
6. The service is an annual service; and payment is required every year for the service to remain in place.
7. Where we have a valid e-mail address we will send you a reminders for renewal of the service from January the following year.
8. Automatic renewal is not in place. If you want to sign up to the service next year, you will have to contact us to sign up. We do not store details of your payment method.
9. The annual payment made by you is for the supply of the garden waste service and not for the container or sacks. However, the payment means that we will also provide you with a container that you must use to contain your garden waste. We provide one container for each £60 payment and the container remains the property of Brent Council.
10. If you are signing up for the Garden Waste Service for the first time, it can take up to 14 working days for your first collection to take place. This is because we need to deliver a bin to you.
11. If you are renewing your service, we presume that you already have a bin to use for the collection of your garden waste.


12. The payment of £60 per year means that we agree to provide you with a container for the exclusive use of the garden waste service. The container will either be one 240L bin or a year’s supply of degradable sacks.
13. If you require us to provide you with an additional container, or more degradable sacks, you will be charged £60 for an additional garden waste service.
14. You will be able to sign up for multiple services and bins online 
15. You can only request the same number of bins that match the number of garden waste service that you have signed up for.
16. If you are renewing your existing service and want to sign up for an additional service, you only need to request a bin for the additional service.
17. If you have only paid for one garden waste service at a property but there is more than one garden waste bin at that property, we will only empty garden waste from one bin.
18. A permit/sticker will be issued which will be placed on your garden waste bin; showing the entitlement to collection for one year for that particular bin.
19. You will receive one sticker for each service you have signed up to each year.
20. If you advise us during the year that your garden waste bin has gone missing, or been stolen and requires a replacement, we will provide you with a replacement bin. The bin will not be brand new.
21. Any bin that has been lost or damaged will be replaced free of charge.
22. If you find your missing bin after we have delivered a replacement, please let us know.
23. We will not collect from more than one container unless you have paid for more than one garden waste service.
24. Most properties will be eligible for a 240L garden waste bin for the service. If there is no space for a bin in the front of the property, a request can be made for degradable sacks instead. A visit to assess suitable space for a container may be carried out by a member of staff.

Collection Frequency

25. Collections are provided every two weeks from March to November and once a month from December to February.
26. You will be able to access and download a collection calendar online from the last week in March and entering your postcode into the ‘Find Your Collection Day’ search facility.

Changing address

27. If you move property within the borough of Brent, your garden waste service will be transferred to your new property. You must let us know that you have changed address within 5 working days of moving to your new property.
28. You will be responsible for moving your garden waste bin from your old property to your new address within Brent.
29. If you move to a property outside of Brent, please let us know so that we can cancel the garden waste service. You will not be entitled to a refund.


30. If you wish to share a garden waste bin with a neighbour, only one person needs to sign up to the garden waste service. The garden waste service will be registered at one property only.
31. It will be up to individual neighbours to identify how they split the cost of the garden waste service.
32. If you sign up to the service from the 1st October a discount will apply. You will be charged £30 for the service until the end of March (a 6 month period). If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you are entitled to a 20 percent discount on the total cost of the garden waste service.
33. The benefits which entitle you to a discount are: Council Tax Support, Housing Benefit, Income related job seekers allowance, Pension Credit (guaranteed rate) and Income Support.
34. From 2019, some of these benefits may be contained within the overarching benefit allowance of Universal Credit.
35. The Council holds data on whether you are in receipt of Council Tax Support and we can automatically check that your discount applies if you are in receipt of this benefit.
36. You may be required to provide us with proof of other benefits. If suitable proof cannot be provided, it remains the discretion of the council as to whether to apply the discount.
37. Generally, proof will be required in the form of a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), including for those in receipt of Universal Credit, confirming that you are in receipt of the eligible benefit/s.
38. You will be able to either scan in a copy of your letter from the Department of Work and Pensions, using our online form or send a photocopy to the address we provide you with when the information is required.
39. The service can only start when confirmation of your receipt of benefits has been confirmed by us.

Presentation of containers

40. Garden waste containers must be presented for collection by the resident as near to the pavement as possible by 7am on the day of collection. The containers must still be within your property boundary and not placed on the pavement.
41. If your garden waste bin or sack is not presented as near to the pavement as possible, we reserve the right not to collect your bin.
42. If you share a bin with your neighbour, the bin must be presented for collection at the property of the person who has paid for the service. If it is not, and a missed collection is reported, we reserve the right to not collect the bin until the next collection date.
43. If you report a missed collection, but your container has not been correctly presented, we will not return to empty your container. You will need to wait until your next collection day for your container to be emptied.

Missed collections and non-collection of containers

44. If incorrect materials are placed into your bin, the council reserves the right not to empty your garden waste bin or take your sacks until you have removed the incorrect materials or items.
45. A tag will be left on your container advising you of the materials that can and cannot be placed in your garden waste container. You are required to remove any incorrect materials in the garden waste bin before the next collection.
46. If we do not collect your garden waste bin, you have two working days to report a missed collection to us, either using an on-line form or by calling 020 8937 5050.
47. We will not return to empty a missed collection if you do not report it to us within two working days of your normal collection day.
48. No refunds will be provided for non collection of your garden waste for any reason.