What happens to your recycling?

After the collection takes place from your household, your recycling is taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).

This facility uses a combination of processes to separate the materials from each other again, both mechanically and by hand.

The MRF that your recycling is sent to is located in the London Borough of Southwark.

This is a newly opened facility which uses state of the art machinery to separate materials to obtain the highest quality possible.

How is your recycling separated at the MRF?

  1. The materials are unloaded from the vehicles and placed onto a moving belt.
  2. Bulky materials such as cardboard boxes and various types of plastic are handpicked and stored in containers.
  3. Then various mechanical processes separate glass, steel, aluminium, paper, cartons and plastics from each other.
  4. An additional manual sorting of items then takes place.
  5. Finally, a mechanical unit identifies any materials that have not been separated in the previous stages. Once separated, the materials are sent to different companies to create new products.

If you want further information on this process please contact us

What happens to your organic waste?

The food and garden waste collected in your organics wheeled bin or food waste container are taken to a composting facility run by West London Composting, based in Harefield.

  1. The contents are unloaded and shredded to break down any large items of garden waste.
  2. The material is then placed into a controlled environment  for ten days.
  3. The temperature must reach at least 60c for two of those days.
  4. The organic material is transferred to another container where the above process is repeated.
  5. After this stage the material is placed outside where is it matures for six to eight weeks.
  6. Finally the material is screened and sold on as compost.

You can wrap your food waste in kitchen caddy liners made of corn starch, which comply with environmental regulation EN13432, or newspaper, paper (including junk mail) or paper bags.

Please note, if you put caddy liners which do not comply with environmental regulation EN13432, or plastic bags in the organics wheeled bin or food waste container, the entire load may be rejected by the facility and sent to landfill.