Guidance - flats and North Circular

Collections from flats

If you live in a block of flats, please advise us where you will be leaving your item for collection. We cannot collect the items directly from your flat. Please ensure that your items are placed in an area that can be accessed by our vehicle on the day of your collection. When booking your collection, please let us know if our crew can only access the collection area through a locked gate on the day of your collection.  This can be done by giving us details of an entry code which will allow our crew access to the bin area or by advising if we need to press a buzzer for a caretaker for example. Please provide this information in the ‘Additional Information’ box on the second page of the booking form.

Communal bin areas are generally the best place to leave your item, however please ensure that you do not block access to the bins or place your item out for collection too far in advance of your collection day.

Flats Above Shops

If you live in a flat above a shop, please leave your items on the pavement outside your property just before 7 am on the day of collection, so that our crews can pick them up before they cause a problem for shopkeepers and people using the public highway during the day. Please do not cause any obstruction on the pavement when you leave your items for collection.

Collections from properties on North Circular 

The North Circular is a red route, which means that our collection vehicle cannot stop and collect items from your front garden. We ask if you live on the North Circular to place your items for collection on the corner of the nearest side road to you, as close to 7am as possible on the day of collection.

Please provide details of the road where you will be leaving your items in the ‘additional text’ box on page two of the booking form. If you are unsure where to leave your items we ask that you contact us before making your booking.