How to present your items

Where to leave items

Items must be left outside of the property and within the property boundary such as the front garden, but not on the footpath or public highway. We do not collect from back gardens. Items should be visible from the road. Items must be placed outside by 7am on your day of collection.

Any items left on the public highway will be considered fly tipping, which could lead to legal action.

The items must be accessible by our crews. This means the collection vehicle must be able to park on your road and not be blocked by other vehicles.

The entrances to your property must not be blocked. If we cannot gain access to the items that you have presented for collection because of road works or inclement weather conditions, we will make a second attempt to collect your items and you do not need to contact us to arrange this.

If we cannot gain access to the items you have presented for collection because of a vehicle or other obstacle blocking access to those items in your front garden, we will not return again and you will need to make another booking.

How to present your items

We ask that when you present your items for collection you do so neatly so it is easy for our crew to see each item that is on the list and move it easily. 

The majority of items presented are done so correctly. However, if items are presented in a manner which does not allow each item to be clearly identified or moved easily, our crew reserve the right to not collect the items and you will be asked to rebook your collection at a further cost. You will not be refunded for the original non-collection of the items if they are not presented correctly.

Incorrect presentation includes not bundling items like a dismantled table or carpet tiles together.