Commercial waste and recycling

If you place waste out in anything other than the bags/tape or bins provide by your waste collector this will be considered illegal rubbish dumping (flytipping) and you could be liable for a £400 fixed penalty notice or prosecution in the magistrates courts.

We can issues fines known as Fixed Penalty Notices for a range of environmental offences including littering and failure to lawfully get rid of trade waste. Failure to pay Fixed Penalty Fines can result in prosecution.

We will:

  • investigate business waste dumped on the public highway and give advice to traders about their legal responsibilities for the disposal of their waste
  • use a clear, reasonable and fair enforcement policy which favours education and working with traders and businesses.

We are developing a leadership role around educating businesses in respect of their Duty of Care responsibilities, to reduce fly-tipping. Our work includes:

  • explaining to businesses why enforcement action is needed, taking account of the needs of the local community
  • enforcing the relevant legislation in respect of trade waste disposal by local businesses, in conformity with the Government Good Enforcement Concordat
  • supplying a list of waste disposal firms who operate in the area together with details of civic amenity sites who accept trade waste
  • making regular checks on businesses to ensure that they are storing and disposing of their waste regularly and correctly.