Commercial waste and recycling

You must:

  • contain your waste in a container or area that keeps it from escaping or stops people or wildlife interfering with it
  • keep your waste off the public highway
  • ensure that your waste is disposed of legally and responsibly
  • dispose of your waste in a manner which produces the least harm to the environment

Getting rid of your business waste legally

You must:

  • arrange a contract with a licensed waste disposal company who will ensure the supply of a proper storage container and the legitimate disposal of your waste
  • be given paperwork from your waste disposal company to show your waste has been legally disposed. You must keep this paperwork for a minimum of two years, for inspection by Brent Council

You should maintain a file with your waste-disposal contract and any receipts (waste transfer notes) or forms you receive from waste collectors. This will help you when we perform our routine checks under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Failure to produce documentation on demand can result in a fixed penalty notice of £300 or prosecution where the maximum fine is £5000. 

Illegally dumping waste carries a fixed penalty notice of £400 or prosecution where the maximum fine is now unlimited or a prison sentence. 

Alternatively, you can:

  • take your waste to an authorised waste amenity site where you will be issued with Waste Transfer Notes, as proof of disposal.

You must ensure that proper records of disposal are maintained for a minimum period of 2 years for inspection by Brent Council.  

Under no circumstances dispose of your trade waste through your household waste collection.