Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn - Fruit Harvesters

Location: Various venues around Kensal and Kilburn


Sign up to this group to get news of when and where the next pick event is.  The group is generally most active from July to October.   They pick 1.5 tons of apples, pears and plums from local back gardens and give most to schools and community groups.

They reduce waste, raise awareness that food doesn't have to come from a supermarket and enjoy getting to know the community, the place and the people. Over 100 harvesters and tree owners contribute each year.

In 2014 Parlour restaurant kindly made greengage jam for them, QPCS business students started a company based on their produce, they harvested with two children's nurseries and from the 900 trees in Fryent Country Park.  They make jam, chutney and juice, have trained 40 people to prune, lend a fruit picking tool through a local library and have planted 40 fruit trees on a local estate.