Bus shelters, stops and taxi ranks

Bus shelters in Brent are mainly provided by Adshel for London Buses, in consultation with us.

Bus stops can be requested via customerservices@tfl-buses.co.uk

Request a new shelter

Shelters are provided by London Buses but we can ask them to provide new shelters. If you know of a bus stop where passengers would benefit from a shelter please contact us via highwaysandinfrastructure@brent.gov.uk.

The preferred location should be described, together with any factors relevant to the request e.g. adjacent to doctor's surgery. This will be considered in conjunction with London Buses, the bus operators and other interested parties.

Please note that at certain locations it may not be possible to provide a shelter, if this is the case we will explain to you why it has not been possible.

Complain about an existing shelter

If you can give us some details about the problem, together with the shelter number, this will help ensure it is dealt with as promptly as possible. Please contact us.   

Report damage

You can report damage to a bus shelter by calling the Adshel hotline number (24 hours, 7 days per week) on 0800 731 3699.

Every attempt is made to repair damage as quickly as possible, though this depends on the extent of the damage. Alternatively you may email London Buses Customer Services at customerservices@tfl-buses.co.uk

To report broken glass or other litter around a shelter, please contact us.

Please give the location of the shelter (and street number of nearest property if possible), and nature of the problem.