Cycle parking, repair stations and maintenance

Cycle parking

Whether you’re using your own ride or a dockless bicycle, always choose a responsible spot to park up. Do not block footways as this can make it difficult for other pedestrians, especially those with mobility problems, to get around.

Acceptable places to park include: in a designated cycle parking area, by the kerbside providing adequate room is left to get round the bike.

Bike hangers

In 2016 we introduced Cyclehoop bike hangers on a number of streets to allow residents to hire a space to store their bicycle. Each hanger can store up to 6 bicycles. On the Cyclehoop website you can:

Cycle stands

You can find cycle stands at a number of locations across the borough. Go to Brent’s area on Urban Cycle Parking to find your nearest cycle parking or to suggest a new location.

Bike maintenance

It’s important to maintain your bike to ensure that it has a long life and is safe. Have your bike serviced once a year. Most bike shops offer bike servicing and you can usually pick up your bike the same day.

Public Bike Repair Stations

Bike repair stations have been installed at 3 locations in the borough for cyclists that need to carry out minor repairs to their bicycle, they can be found here:

  • Brent Civic Centre
  • Carlton Vale at the junction with Albert Road
  • Willesden Sports Centre

Bike shops in Brent