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Highways, street cleaning and road maintenance contacts

Report graffiti, flytipping and request street cleaning

Did you know you can use the free Love Clean Streets app to report graffiti, illegally dumped rubbish and your street for cleaning?

Download the Love Clean Streets App

You can also report graffiti and illegally dumped rubbish by using our online forms:

Alternatively, please contact us to report graffiti, flytipping and request street cleaning.

Road closures and other enquiries

To request a road closure for an event, works or find out about our major road works programme, email or call us on 020 8937 5600.

Report unauthorised items that are blocking a road or pavement

Items that block a road or pavement are often dangerous, particularly for children, disabled people and elderly residents.

It is illegal to obstruct roads or pavements with unauthorised objects. An unauthorised object is an item that has been placed on the street without the council’s permission and can include:

• advertising boards
• overhanging hedges
• newspaper dispensing units

If you spot something on a road or pavement that looks like it shouldn’t be there, you can report it online. 

The council will take firm action to keep our pavements and roads clear, including removing items which are deemed to be dangerous to pedestrians and/or vehicles.

Individuals responsible for a street obstruction can receive a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice and fined up to £1,000 if prosecuted.