Leaf clearance plan

Leafing Schedule w/c 14 October 2019

After the first two weeks, the schedule repeats itself.

Road Name Post Code 
  Anson Road NW2
  Grosvenor Gardens NW2
  Blenheim Gardens NW2
  Stanley Gardens NW2
  Walm Lane – from  Chichele to Cricklewood Broadway. NW2
  Teignmouth Road NW2
  St Gabriels Road NW2
  Lydford Road NW2
  Exeter Road NW2
  Dartmouth Road NW2
  Dawlish Road NW2
  Mapesbury Road NW2
  Mowbray Road NW6
 Chatsworth Road –    Christchurch to Mapesbury. NW2
  Brondesbury Park NW6
  Willesden Lane NW6
  Winchester Avenue NW6
  Brondesbury Road NW6
  Brondesbury Villas NW6
  Victoria Road  NW6
 Hazelmere Road  NW6
 Algernon Road  NW6
 Woodville Road  NW6
 Hartland Road  NW6
 Donaldson Road  NW6
 Honiton Road  NW6
 Lynton Road  NW6
 Christchurch Avenue  NW6
 The Avenue  NW6
 Cavendish Road  NW6
 Staverton Road  NW2
 Alverstone Road  NW2
 Milverton Road  NW6
 Aylestone Road  NW6
 Tiverton Road  NW10


Leafing Schedule w/c 28 October 2019


Road Name Post Code 
  St Pauls Avenue  NW2
  Grove Road  NW2
  Dean Road  NW2
  Park Avenue  NW2
  Parkside  NW2
  Dollis Hill Avenue  NW2
  Gladstone Park Gardens  NW2
  Oxgate Gardens  NW2
  Conway Road  NW2
  Hazeldean Road  NW10 
  Casselden Road NW10
  Alric Avenue  NW10
  Bruce Road NW10
 St Albans Road  NW10
  Park Road  NW10
 Selwyn Road  NW10 
  Harley Road  NW10
  Greenhill Road  NW10
  Greenhill Park  NW10
  Connaught Road  NW10
  Cecil Road  NW10
 Stonebridge Park  NW10
Gloucester Close  NW10
 Crouch Road  NW10
 Barrs Road  NW10
Fawood Avenue  NW10
Melville Road  NW10
 Harvist Road  NW6
 Milman Road  NW6
 Kingswood Road  NW6
 Chevening Road  - from Milman to Salusbury  NW6
 Wrentham Road  NW10
Crediton  Road  NW10
Dundonald Road  NW10
Chevening Road  - from Milman to Chamberlayne NW6
Harrowdene Road  HA0
 Crawford Avenue  HA0
 Copland Avenue  HA0
 Victoria Avenue  HA9 
 Chalfont Avenue  HA9 
 Monks Park  HA9 
 Chippenham Avenue  HA9 
 Oakington  Manor Drive  HA9 
 Victoria Avenue HA9 
 Wyld Way  HA9 
 Georgian Court  HA9 
 St Michaels Avenue  HA9