Street furniture

We are responsible for certain items of street furniture and signage such as bins, benches and street name plates and we clean it of dirt, grime and graffiti.

We clean all street furniture (including signs, benches and bollards) at least twice a year.

We do not clean bus shelters, telephone boxes, cable boxes, illuminated bollards, information and notice boards.

Please use our Love Clean Streets smartphone app and set ‘Cleaner Brent’ as your home authority or online vandalism of street furniture form to report any dirty or damaged street furniture.

Please also report any overflowing litter bins to us by using our Love Clean Streets app.


Flyposting can be unsightly and make the environment less attractive for residents and visitors alike. It can make an area feel unsafe and uncared for and impact negatively on people's perceptions of the area. It can also distract drivers or obscure road signs and be hazardous to members of the public.

report flyposting 

Any business or a person(s) wishing to install posters/banners or signs onto Street furniture managed by Brent Council (Highway Authority) must first seek advertisement consent from the council.

For more information please contact: or read our policy on flyposting within the Borough.