Electric Vehicle Charging

We are working to install a network of charging points for electric vehicles across the borough.

Road transport is one of the biggest contributors to Brent’s carbon emissions and creates problems with local air pollution. Electric charging infrastructure will support the vehicles of the future. 

We continue to work with partners on a number of different schemes, detailed below.  

Source London Network

Source London operates a network of electric vehicle charge points across London located on residential streets, in car parks, at supermarkets, shopping centres and a range of other destinations. The network provides an easy and convenient means of top-up charging for owners of electric vehicles, with charge speeds of either 7kW or 22 kW. 

There are currently 60 Source London charge points in operation at 30 locations across Brent, with an additional seven due to be installed at three other locations by Spring 2021.  

Rapid Charging Infrastructure Project

These are larger than traditional free standing charge points and are capable of charging an electric vehicle at powers of up to 50kW to deliver an 80% charge in 30 minutes. They are mainly installed for high mileage commercial electric fleets, predominantly taxis and private hire vehicles as well as residents and visitors who need a quick ‘top-up’ to complete their journey. 

Rapid charge points are located at five locations in the borough and are managed by Electricity Supply Board (ESB). 

Lamp Column Chargers

We are progressing with the roll-out of a network of charge points attached to lamp columns at various locations across the borough. These facilities, operated by char:gy, enable residents who do not have access to off-street parking to charge their vehicle close to home. With charge speeds of up to 7.7kW, lamp column chargers are ideally suited for overnight charging.

To date, there are 85 lamp column charge points in operation across Brent, with a further 180 planned for installation by Spring 2021. 

STEP Charge Point Trial Project

We are part of a consortium that has recently received funding from the Office for Low-Emission Vehicles to trial new on-street charging technology in the borough. 

The Subsurface Technology for Electric Pathways (STEP) project involves the trial of up to 100 Trojan Energy charge points on streets in the Harlesden and Kensal Green areas. The project aims to solve the issue of charging for electric vehicle owners who park their car on-street and do not have access to a home charge point. 

Offering charge speeds of either 7kW or 22kW, the charge-point is slotted into the ground, flat and flush with the pavement, and connected to the vehicle using a Trojan Energy Lance. This means that when no vehicles are charging there will be no additional street clutter. 

Installation of the on-street charging equipment runs from December 2020 onwards, with charge points up and running by Spring 2021.The Council is keen to hear from electric vehicle owner/users who would be interested in participating in the trial.