Proposed changes to a number of bus routes in West London

Last year TfL consulted on proposed changes to a number of bus routes in west London, as part of preparations for the opening of the Elizabeth line. Since then TfL have carried out further work designed to improve the bus network in the area.

Bus route 440 and 224

TfL have now developed a new set of proposals to extend route 440 to Wembley Stadium that would:

  • Provide new links from Stonebridge Park Station entrance to the Wembley Stadium area where a large number of homes, shops and employment are being delivered.
  • Provide new links from Tokyngton to Wembley Stadium, Park Royal, Acton, Chiswick, and the Elizabeth line at Acton Main Line.
  • Provide extra capacity around development sites at Wembley, Park Royal, North Acton and South Acton. A higher frequency route 440 running every 12 minutes during Monday to Saturday day times and every 15 minutes during Sunday day times and all evenings.
  • Meet the Mayor’s Transport Strategy vision of improving orbital bus service links in outer London.
  • The review of bus services serving west London also revealed a number of routes that were running with spare capacity i.e. buses that are not full. TfL are therefore proposing the following changes to route 224. In order to make the most efficient use of our limited resources, it is therefore proposed to terminate route 224 at Alperton Sainsbury’s, rather than at Wembley Stadium. This would mean that:
    • A shorter route will make the 224 more reliable 
    • Excess capacity along Ealing Road will be removed
    • Some passengers would need to change bus at Alperton Station to continue their journey using routes 79, 83, 297 or 483. Although this may be less convenient, the new Hopper fare does mean that this will not incur further fares to continue this journey.

Full details of these proposals can be found on our consultation website:

Bus route 27 and 440

TfL are also proposing to provide a new direct bus link between Gunnersbury, Acton and the planned new Elizabeth line station at Acton Main Line and to make route 27 more reliable by terminating it at Hammersmith Grove. These proposals are being consulted on separately

TfL are keen to hear your views about either or both of our proposals. If you have any comments you can:

  • Visit the website using the individual links above and respond to the questionnaires
  • Email
  • Write to Transport for London, FREEPOST TFL CONSULTATIONS

TfL are inviting anyone who is interested in the proposals to ask questions or provide comments by 12 August 2018.

Subject to the feedback received, TfL plan to implement these changes in autumn 2018.