Maintenance, signs and markings

Tell us about potholes in the road or broken and uneven pavements.

  • Areas we grit during adverse weather and advice on using grit bins.

Drains, gullies and sewers

Who maintains what and who to call if there is a problem.

Alley gates

Some private alley ways in Brent have had gates put in.

Report faults with street and traffic lights to the correct people.

We are responsible for certain items of street furniture (bollards, rails and benches).

Highway surveys and major road and pavement works

The annual list of major works and how we decide what gets worked on.

Road adoption

A new or existing road can be adopted as a highway, which is maintainable at public expense.

Request new lines and signs and Wembley event day sign variations.

Highways maintenance FAQs

Most popular questions and answers for highways maintenance including potholes, and planned road maintenance.