Drains, gullies and sewers

Gullies (roadside gutters and drains) collect water running off the road and over pavement kerbs so it can go down drains into the sewer system and we are responsible for ensuring that road gullies are kept clean and running.

Gullies can become blocked and overflow through leaves, debris and grit collecting in the gully pot. This can lead to roadside flooding.

We do not maintain gullies on private roads. However to arrange a quote from us to come and clear them please email highwaysandinfrastructure@brent.gov.uk

We also respond to emergency requests to unblock gullies that are causing floods.

Who to report what to

Fresh water leaks

  • Fresh water leaking on the public highway, building or residence - Contact your local water authority supplier Thames Water or Affinity Water

Foul water (sewage) leak in a public space

  • Blocked foul or surface water sewers in a public space, e.g. in a park or out on the road - Contact Thames Water

Foul water (sewage) or surface water drains within private or council owned properties

  • Blocked foul/surface water drains in properties where the drains are shared - Contact Thames Water
  • Blocked foul/surface water   drains in properties where homeowners are certain that the drainage only serves their own property. - Homeowners must make their own arrangements for a suitably qualified drainage expert or builder to carry out works to any defects found at their own expense.
  • Blocked foul/surface water drains in Brent house management properties that serve more than one property – Contact Thames Water
  • Blocked foul/surface water drains in Brent Housing Management properties that have an individual drainage system that only serves the property - Tenants should contact Brent Housing Management to arrange for the works to be carried out.

Ground water

Land Drainage is a complex area of responsibility. The general approach is that the landowner is responsible for the land drainage of their land. As Lead Local Flood Authority the Council has a role in providing technical advice with regard to local flooding sources so, we can provide advice to Residents of the borough who are having issues with groundwater. Please email highwaysandinfrastructure@brent.gov.uk 

Highway Drainage

Still not sure about who is responsible?

Thames Water have useful information on who is responsible for drains and sewers.