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Find and Fix main priority programme 2018

Priority  Road NameWard Completion Date 
 1  EAST LANE  Preston 4 March 2018 
 2  FORTY AVENUE  Wembley Park 5 April 2018
 3  EALING ROAD  Alperton in progress 
 4  DOLLIS HILL LANE  Dollis Hill in progress
 5  WATFORD ROAD  North Wembley  
 6  HIGH ROAD  Wembley Central  
 7  KINGSBURY ROAD  Fryent  
 8  CHATSWORTH ROAD  Willesden Green  
 9  COLES GREEN ROAD  Dollis hill  
 10  BRONDESBURY PARK  Brondesbury  
11  WILLESDEN LANE  Brondesbury Park  
 12  MANOR FARM ROAD  Alperton  
 13  SALUSBURY ROAD  Queens Park  
 14  BRONDESBURY ROAD  Kilburn   
 15  ACTON LANE  Stonebridge  
 16  DUDDEN HILL LANE  Dudden Hill  
 17  EDGWARE ROAD  Mapesbury  
 18  DONNINGTON ROAD  Willesden Green  
 20  CHAMBERLAYNE ROAD  Queens Park  
 21  BRIDGEWATER ROAD  Wembley Central  
 22  ALPERTON LANE  Alperton  
 23  CHURCH LANE  Welsh Harp  
 24  CRAVEN PARK  Harlesden  
 25  CHURCH ROAD  Harlesden  
 26  COLLEGE ROAD  Harlesden  
 27  WALM LANE  Willesden Green  
 28  HARVIST ROAD  Queens Park  
 29  ELMS LANE  Wembley Central  
 30  SALMON STREET  Barn Hill  
 31  SIDMOUTH ROAD  Willesden Green  
 32  SHOOT UP HILL  Mapesbury  
 33  NIGHTINGALE ROAD  Stonebridge  
 34  MAPESBURY ROAD  Mapesbury  
 35  KILBURN PARK ROAD  Queens Park  
 36  KILBURN LANE  Queens Park  
 37  HIGH STREET  Wembley Central  
 38  GROVE ROAD  Willesden Green  
  39   CROWNHILL ROAD  Harlesden  
 40  HARROWDENE ROAD  Wembley Central  
 41  WEMBLEY HILL ROAD  Tokynton  
 42  NEASDEN LANE  Dudden Hill  
 43  NEASDEN LANE NORTH  Dudden Hill  
 44  NEASDEN UNDERPASS  Dudden Hill  
 45  HIGH ROAD  Harlesden