What we are doing about potholes

Reactive pothole maintenance programme  

This programme continues with potholes identified through customer reports and scheduled road safety inspections. Since the start of November 475 potholes have been repaired through this programme with a further 70 ordered. Report a pothole on our website, the Cleaner Brent App or by emailing highways&infrastructure@brent.gov.uk 

View list of potholes repaired, scheduled and completed since November 2018

Injection Patching  - Springtime onwards

Brent Highways is working in partnership with Velocity Injection Patching to repair potholes and other minor road defects throughout the borough. This process significantly speeds up the time to repair a pothole from an average of 15 minutes to about 3 minutes with the intention for the contractor to visit every residential road in the borough during the two years they will be working with us. 

Velocity commenced work on 7th May and during the first year will spend at least two weeks in each ward repairing up as many defects as they can find. 

View the list of repairs completed for the week commencing 19 Aug 2019

Between the months of December to March, we experience a seasonal increase in the number of potholes being reported.  We will provide additional resources during this period.