Road markings and signs

We are responsible for putting up the majority of new traffic signs and lines.

Report damaged signs or faded lines

White lines - Apply using our form

White lines can be added across private driveways, crossovers and garage fronts that go onto the public highway.

The white lines are to deter someone blocking your access from your driveway to the road only and are not enforced by us.

Yellow lines

We get a number of requests for waiting restrictions on safety grounds throughout the year and therefore we apply set criteria when assessing new requests.

The most urgent cases are included within our short sections programme through assessing a range of factors such as accident rates, traffic flows, vehicle speeds and obstruction. If the sites meet with our criteria then they are approved and progressed to the implementation stage.

Typically we prepare two or three sets of sites we have approved a year. This generally means between 15-20 sites across the Brent will get new lines.

We group the sites together to cut down on the cost of advertising the necessary legal traffic orders. Traffic orders can take between four to five months to implement because of the required legal statutory process.

Red routes

Red routes are the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL). They work mainly by putting a stop to delays caused by illegal parking and stopping.

Red routes use a package of measures to improve safe traffic flow. The most obvious of these measures are the red lines along the road edge which are a clear signal to drivers to say 'no stopping'.

Request a sign or other markings

All requests are taken on a case by case basis and please see below for some examples of common requests.

Any requests and suggestions can be sent to us at

New signs

Requests are received from members of the public or organisations for new signs to venues, libraries and churches for example.

When this is requested by organisations or members of the public there is usually a charge associated for the design, manufacture and erection of the signs.

'School Keep Clear' markings

We can arrange for 'School Keep Clear' markings at sites where parked vehicles are a hazard to children.

The markings are a reminder not to stop and park at the school entrance for whatever reason and are enforceable under moving traffic contravention rules.

Wembley event day signs

During events at Wembley Stadium, all on-street parking in residential areas within the Event Day Zone will be controlled from 10am until midnight (unless otherwise stated) and this will be shown on the road signs in the zone.