Street and traffic lights

Street lights

We are responsible for maintaining around 21000 street lights located mainly on the public highways but we also maintain street lights in Parks and some roads on Brent Housing Estates (BHP)

Our street lights are powered by 100 per cent green energy.

We will carry out emergency repairs to faulty street lighting within 48 hours of an enquiry. Please note if it is a faulty bulb it will be repaired within 48 hours from when we become aware of it.

Report a street light problem 

If the street light is not working because there is a problem with the cable, either in the lamp column or leading to it, the repair may take up three weeks, as it will need to be referred to the UK Powers Networks who is responsible for this type of work. We will place a public notice on any faulty street lighting furniture explaining why it cannot be fixed immediately.

Please note if new street lights have been installed in your street and they are not working this could be because once new lights have been installed we have to report it to UK Power Networks to connect the cables. This will take 10 working days.

We are not responsible for repairing the power supply to street lights. This type of work is carried out by UK Power Networks.

Street lighting replacement project

We are replacing nearly 21,000 street lights across the borough with new, energy efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights. The programme of works is expected to be completed by November 2018.


Traffic lights

Except for temporary traffic restrictions related to road works, all traffic lights and signals are the responsibility of Transport for London.

Report traffic light faults

Requests for reinstating traffic lights which are out of service should be made to Transport for London on 0343 222 1234.

We have implemented a number of traffic signals including pedestrian controlled facilities across Brent. Most of these were carried out as part of our local safety programmes which are funded by Transport for London.

Every year we submit a bid to Transport for London in the local implementation plan to request funds for the following year.

Temporary Traffic Lights

Temporary traffic lights are used to manage traffic for the duration of roadworks, often works carried out on behalf of a utility company. 

Disruptions can occur, though council officers co-ordinate with whoever is doing the works to keep it to a minimum.

Check sites that have temporary lights here or via

If there is an active emergency on the road and if life is in danger, phone 999 for the emergency services.

Office hours - Monday to Friday
8.30am to 5.30pm
Call 020 8930 5600

Evenings, weekends and public holidays

There is no Highway & Infrastructure cover and all calls should be directed to either the call centre or to the Brent’s CCTV Room.

Help us help you quicker

Please be as detailed as possible about the location of the incident you are calling about, use points of reference and road names as this will help speed up the process of recording your enquiry and means it can be found quicker.

During severe weather events, you may have to hold the line for an operator.

Minor reports and all general enquiries
Please call 0208 937 5600