On2Wheels is our new campaign to cut motorcycle and scooter accidents in Brent down to size. 

We're teaching riders how to stay safe on the roads by asking them to ensure they always:

  • Look and look again
  • Be bright and cover up
  • See and be seen
Look and look again Be bright cover up See and be seen


The messages highlight how just a few simple steps can help motorcyclists and scooter riders reduce their risks of near misses or serious collisions on the road.

And show how wearing the right clothes can prevent serious injuries if they're unlucky enough to be knocked off their motorbikes or scooters.

On2Wheels is the latest addition to the Brent Safer Roads initiative to ensure everyone looks out for themselves and others as they travel around the borough.

Safety quiz

Think you're safe on 2 wheels? 

Why not take our quick quiz and find out.

1. Which of the following is the right gear to wear On2Wheels?

a) High vis vest

b) Jeans

c) Trainers

2. What should you do last before moving off?

a) Check your mirrors

b) Look and look again

c) Use your indicators

3. How should you position yourself on the road?

a) Stay close to the kerb at all times

b) Keep right behind buses and large vehicles

c) Ride in the middle of your lane, a car's distance from other vehicles

4. In hot weather, which of the following clothes is it OK to ride in?

a) Light trousers

b) T-shirt

c) Sandals


1. (a), 2. (c), 3. (c), 4. None of these clothes are OK to ride in, even in the hottest weather.