Disabled person's parking place

A disabled person's parking place (DPPP) is a parking space marked on the public highway by a white painted box with a sign that shows it is for the use of blue badge holders only.  We also offer a personalised disabled persons parking place (PDPPP) for those that meet the required criteria, where parking in such a bay is vehicle and permit specific. 

It an offence for any vehicle to be parked in a bay without displaying a valid blue badge (and a permit if you are in a PDPPP). Even when requested by a householder, a DPPP is still available for any blue badge holder to use. 

Disabled persons parking places are not provided for dial-a-ride, taxis, hospital drivers or others for picking up or dropping off passengers and non-disabled visitors or carers. 

Am I eligible?

Each application is assessed on its merits taking into account whether the person applying: 

  • has a valid blue badge;
  • does not have access to a driveway, a garage, or alternative on street/ off street parking;
  • experiences mobility differences which can be confirmed by GP;
  • or experiences problems parking near property.

Key information 

  • a valid blue badge needs to be displayed in the parked vehicle, if not, a penalty charge notice may be issued
  • DPPP’s are not vehicle specific and any blue badge holder can use them. Only personalised disabled parking spaces are vehicle specific for single users
  • applications take roughly four weeks to process, providing we have received all of the information we need. We will provide a temporary (advisory) DPPP whilst we carry out the legal process for making the bay permanent.
  • if the bay markings have faded or the bay is no longer required, please email highwaysandinfrastructure@brent.gov.uk  


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Personalised Disabled Person's Parking Places 

If you are having problems using your existing Disabled Person's Parking Place, you may be able to apply for a Personalised Disabled Person's Parking place.

Am I eligible?

Each application is assessed on its own merit taking into consideration the applicant 

  • has a valid blue badge
  • does not have access to a driveway, garage, or any alternative on/ off street parking
  • are in receipt of one of the following:
    • DLA (disability living allowance) at the higher rate indefinitely (aged under 65)
    • Attendance allowance at a higher rate (aged over 65)
    • Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Key Information 

  • A valid blue badge and permit needs to be displayed in the parked vehicle.  If not a penalty charge notice may be issued
  • PDPPP’s are vehicle specific and only the registered vehicle can use them.  If you change your vehicle you will need to contact us or you may be issued with a penalty charge notice
  • Applications for a PDPPP take longer than a DPPP.  Due to the legal process for this type of bay it may take up to 6 months for the application to be processed and implemented
  • If the bay markings have faded or you no longer need the bay, please email dppp@brent.gov.uk


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