Older Persons Freedom Pass

The Older Persons Freedom Pass gives users free travel on most Transport for London services 24 hours a day. This includes:

  • London buses
  • London Underground and Overground
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • Tramlink.

Discounts are available on fares for riverboat and cable car services.

The pass is valid for free travel on National Rail services within London, Monday to Friday after 9.30am and anytime on weekends and bank holidays.

The pass can also be used on other local bus services in London and most bus services across England, Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 11pm and anytime on weekends and bank holidays.

When can I apply?

If you were born on or after 6 October 1954, you will have to wait until you're 66 years old to be eligible for an Older Persons Freedom Pass. This is because the eligibility age is rising in line with the women’s state pension age. These changes will affect both men and women.

You must also live in London all or most of the time to be eligible for the pass.

Use London Councils' eligibility checker to find out when you can apply.

60+ London Oyster photocard

If you are 60 years old or older and do not yet qualify for an Older Persons Freedom Pass, you can apply for the 60+ London Oyster photocard. There will be an application fee of £20.

How do I apply?

You can apply online for a Older Persons Freedom Pass or pick up an application pack from Wembley Library.

Paper forms will need to be sent to: Freedom Pass Application, PO Box 572, Hull, HU9 9LP. Make sure you put enough postage on the envelope to ensure your application is delivered.

Documents you'll need

You will need to provide a passport sized photo and 2 forms of identification as proof your name, age and address.

Your photograph must be:

  • a current true likeness, showing your full face, facing forward without a hat
  • in colour
  • 45mm x 35mm in size
  • taken against a plain, evenly lit and pale coloured background.

See examples and read more about photo requirements on GOV.UK.

Suitable proof of name and age:

  • letter of pension entitlement
  • current passport
  • medical card
  • birth certificate (unless your name has changed)
  • current driving license (paper or photocard).

Suitable proof of address:

  • current council tax bill/letter/payment book
  • current council/housing association rent book/statement/letter
  • current television licence.

The following items can also be used as proof of address but must be dated within the last three months and be in your name:

  • residential utility bill (excluding mobile phone bills)
  • HM Revenues and Customs letter
  • Department for Work and Pensions letter
  • occupational pension letter.

Lost, stolen or damaged

If you need to replace a freedom pass because it has been lost, damaged or stolen, please do not go back to the Post Office.

You will need to contact London Councils on 0300 330 1433 (Monday to Sunday, 8am to 8pm) or fill in an online form.

A replacement pass will be sent out to you within five working days. A £10 charge will be payable if the pass has been lost or damaged. If your card is stolen but you are unable to provide a crime reference number, it will be processed as lost and a £10 charge payable.

Read more about what to do if your freedom pass is lost, stolen or damaged.

Moved address

If you have moved you need to let London Councils know so they can let you know when it is time to renew your pass. Contact them on 0300 330 1433 or fill in an online form.

Fraud checks

The council carry out checks to prevent and detect fraud. All types of fraud and corruption allegations affecting the council are investigated, including those related to Independent Travel consisting of Blue Badge, Freedom Passes, Taxi-Card Service. View further information, including how we may file and retain records.

Further help and advice

If you would like some advice about using London's transport, you may like to contact Transport for All's Advocacy and Advice Line on 020 7737 2339 or visit www.transportforall.org.uk.

Transport for All is an organisation for disabled and older people.

It provides advice, information and advocacy about travelling in London, and campaigns for a fully accessible, reliable and affordable transport network for disabled and older Londoners.