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Vehicle crossings and dropped kerbs

A vehicle crossing (or dropped kerb) is a ramp on the footway connecting it to the road surface. They assist with access from a private property to the road, providing off-street parking.  

What you need to know before you apply:

  • There is a non-refundable £70 administration fee for providing each estimate
  • Find out if you live on a road which requires planning permission 
  • Planning permission will be required for applications from householders that wish to pave their driveway with a waterproof material exceeding 5m sq or where surface water will not drain into the front garden
  • If your home does not need planning permission and your application meets our criteria, we will check if the location of the proposed crossing is suitable and check compliance.  As long as it is suitable, we will give you a quote for installing the crossing.

How to apply

What happens next?

If your application is approved and once payment is received, it will be added to our programme of works and which will be carried out by our contractor. Our contractors are the only ones approved to carry out this work. It is an offence for any other persons to do this work without the council’s permission. 

White lines

White lines can be added across private driveways, crossovers and garage fronts that lead onto the public highway to deter parking.