Elections 2018

2018 Local Elections

Local elections in Brent will take place on Thursday 3 May 2018.

How to register to vote

You are eligible to vote in this election if you are over 18 and a British, Irish, qualifying Commonwealth or European Union citizen. However, in order to be able to vote you must be on the electoral register. Even if you have registered for council tax or other council services, by law you still need to apply separately to register to vote.

Postal vote

If you are away on 3 May 2018, you can register for a postal vote online.  The deadline to register for a postal vote for the local elections is 5pm on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

Proxy vote

Alternatively, if you will not be able to complete a postal vote because you will be away from your registered address during mid to late April when the postal votes are dispatched, you can apply for a proxy vote online. This will allow somebody else to vote on your behalf either in person or by post. The deadline to apply for a proxy vote is 5pm Wednesday 25 April 2018.