What elections can I vote in?

London elections

A Mayor and 25 Assembly Members are elected to represent London every 4 years.

Fourteen of the Assembly Members represent a constituency area - in Brent's case, the constituency is called Brent and Harrow - and 11 are elected on a London-wide basis.

When are the next London elections?

The current Mayor of London and Greater London Assembly were elected in 2016. The next elections will be held on Thursday 7 May 2020.

By-elections can take place at any time to fill a vacancy caused by the Mayor or an Assembly Member resigning, dying or becoming disqualified from office.

Who can vote in London elections

You can vote for a Mayor of London if you’re:

  • a British citizen - excluding overseas electors
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen (including Cyprus and Malta)
  • from Ireland
  • a European Union citizen.