European Parliamentary election results 2014 for Brent

The results in Brent

The table below shows the breakdown of votes cast in Brent for the European Parliamentary election results 2014.

Party Number of Votes
4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP) 1,038
An Independence from Europe 986
Animal Welfare Party 647
British National Party 689
Christian Peoples Alliance 982
Communities United Party 362
Conservative Party 13,277
English Democrats 377
Europeans Party 512
Green Party 5,123
Harmony Party 111
Labour Party 34,451
Liberal Democrats 7,333
National Health Action Party 697
National Liberal Party 463
NO2EU 140
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 6,414

The number of ballot paper rejected was as follows:

(a) want of official mark - 0
(b) voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to - 846
(c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified - 8
(d) being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty - 479

Total  = 1333

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