Translate this page

If English isn’t your first language you can read our web pages in your preferred language using the Browsealoud translation service. Text translation is possible on web pages and PDFs and is available in 90 languages or you can listen to the information in 36 of the most commonly spoken global languages. You can also highlight and enlarge the text size to further help with understanding.

How to change language

A BrowseAloud icon is present on each council web page and when it is clicked it displays simple translation options. 

Step 1:

To use BrowseAloud, click on the orange 'Speak' button at the top of the page

Browsealoud speak icon

Step 2

The orange Browsealoud toolbar will appear at the top of your screen. Click on the world icon and a drop down list will appear with a list of languages to choose from. Select the language you want to translate the page.

Browsealoud toolbar

Step 3

To listen to the page being read out in your chosen language, click on the play button. You can select a section of the page to listen to by highlighting the text you want to hear and then clicking on the play button.  To stop listening, click on the square button.


Useful to know

  • You can change the colour theme of the toolbar to a colour contrast that works for you (available in the ‘Settings’ menu)
  • Once opened, the toolbar will stay at the top of the webpage
  • This service is not available on some of our online forms.