Web advertising policy


This advertising policy (‘Policy’) is intended to provide guidelines as to the type of advertising that may be permitted and the technical standards associated with the display of those advertisements.

General principles

Any advertising must comply with all relevant legislation, this Policy and any relevant regulations.

The appearance of an advertisement on the Council's website is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Council of that company, product or service.

The Council reserves the right to refuse or remove any individual advertisement that in its sole and absolute discretion considers inappropriate or in breach of this Policy. 

The Council is not responsible for the quality or reliability of the product or services offered within any advertisement. 
All adverts must adhere to the codes of conduct laid down by the Advertising Standards Authority and must not conflict with the Council's aims and priorities. 

Advertising will also be subject to the Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity 2011 and the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. 

The Council does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or for any consequences arising when visiting third party websites when following an advertising link.

Advertising which is not appropriate to display or which in some way touched on socially contentious issues or contained messages that could be regarded as contentious or discriminatory will not be permitted. The Council has sole and absolute discretion to determine whether an issue is or is not contentious and if an advert will or will not be displayed.

Prohibited advertising 

Political organisations should not advertise on the website. The Council actively encourages the engagement of citizens and community groups in policy setting and other democratic processes, but it does not encourage advertising from what might broadly be called lobbying or campaigning groups. This applies to lobby groups which may be very local and temporary in nature, perhaps centred on a particular planning decision, or national or international and more permanent.

Advertising for gambling or betting services is not permitted.

Any content or advertising which has an overtly sexual 'tone', which features partial or complete nudity or which appears to promote or give undue publicity to illegal or inappropriate behaviour or lifestyles will be excluded. The Council has sole and absolute discretion to determine what behaviour it considers inappropriate.

Advertisements that the Council considers mocking of groups of citizens or that contains innuendo or subtext which could cause offence will not be accepted, regardless of tone.

Advertising that may bring the Council into disrepute is not permitted. 

In addition to the categories listed immediately below, there may also be some specific controls and policies associated with individual placements. These are listed on separate departmental guidelines which are available on request.

The specific categories of organisations, products or services which may not advertise or be advertised on the Council’s website are as follows:

Types of organisations:

• Political organisations
• Lobby groups
• manufacturers and distributors of weaponry and related products
• organisations in financial or legal conflict with the Council
• Manufacturers and distributors of tobacco and alcohol products
• Payday lenders

Products and services:

• Tobacco
• Alcohol
• Pornography and adult content 
• Gambling and betting services
• Fast food that is considered unhealthy
• High interest / Payday loans
• Weaponry or violence

Sponsored links

The council does not endorse any external linked sites contained on the website and is not responsible for their content. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and have no control over the availability of the linked pages.

The Council does not accept responsibility for errors, omissions or for any consequences arising when visiting third party websites when following an advertising link.


The Council makes every effort to provide up-to-date and accurate information on this website. However, the council and other parties involved in creating and delivering this website's contents give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information and do not accept any liability for any loss, damage, or inconvenience arising in any way whatsoever from the use of information on this website.