Brent Poet Laureate

Simon mole again

Local poet and spoken word artist Simon Mole was our first Brent Poet Laureate from June to December 2013.

He was commissioned to write poems inspired by the area, take part in public performances, deliver workshops and blog about his experiences.

Through this initiative he raised the profile of poetry in Brent, engaged new audiences, celebrated the huge range of voices in the Borough and supported local artists.

Simon wrote three poems inspired by living in Brent.

Neasden Temple

Brent Poet Laureate Simon Mole has unveiled his new poem for the borough. Inspired by BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, which is commonly known as Neasden Temple, the poem explores the contrast between this quiet reflective space and the hustle and bustle of busy city life. Simon Mole was granted unprecedented access to film his piece inside the celebrated building, which is the largest Hindu Temple in Europe. 

Inside the mandir at Neasden temple
each gleaming white pillar is a spotlight of silence.
I read that inner peace brings you in to contact 
with your true divine nature...

View full text version of poem or see below video of Simon narrating the poem himself at Neasden Temple.

Net Cafe Exchange Express

A slightly different vibe to the tranquillity of Neasden Temple, but another thing that has been interesting me around Brent, and London in general is the baffling continued presence of the internet café. 

Net Cafe Exchange Express. We buy, we sell, we repair. Up to you Boss.
Everything you have not saved will be lost. Email. Fax international. Calls
low cost. All continents here. See her on number two, with the head scarf
and the many plastic bags....  View full text version of poem here.

Three Deep at the Bar

The spoons pre-match is three deep at the bar
some man-mark, making eyes at one bar-staff only
others go zonal, locking down a spot as wide as two Wayne Rooneys
with constant slight shuffles from left to right. In short,
this ain't your local on a quiet Tuesday night
where any mug can find himself in acres of space. This is Wembley.....

View full text version of Three Deep at the Bar or see below video of Simon narrating the poem himself from inside Wembley Stadium.

About Simon Mole

Simon lives and works extensively in Brent.  Recent work includes a residency in South Kilburn and workshops at more than ten local schools.

Outside of Brent, Simon is a thriving and exciting poet, and is currently part of the Chill Pill Collective, curating and performing at hugely popular poetry nights at Soho Theatre, the Albany, and Roundhouse.

Simon also co-leads the Keats' House Poets Forum. His groundbreaking one-man show Indiana Jones and the Extra Chair has sold out two London runs and is currently touring nationally while Simon develop his latest show No More Worries.