Fairtrade in Brent

Fairtrade borough

We are a Fairtrade Borough

This means that we are committed to sell, serve use and promote Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade for producers means prices that at least cover the costs of sustainable production - even when world market prices fall and a Fairtrade Premium which helps producers to improve the quality of their lives.

This premium is paid on top of the agreed Fairtrade price, and producers decide democratically how to use it. Typically they invest it in education, healthcare, farm improvements or processing facilities to increase income.

Our status as a Fairtrade Borough was successfully renewed on 24 October 2017 for another two years with very positive feedback from the Fairtrade Foundation.

"Well done for your amazing campaigning efforts and all the time you have put in hosting your events and activities."


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Peter Moore, Chair, Brent Fairtrade Network