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Sustainable travel

We are involved in planning strategies and promoting sustainable travel methods across Brent.


We support and encourage everyone living and working in Brent to cycle for the benefits it offers you as an individual, as well as the benefits for the local community by reducing pollution, congestion and emissions.

Car clubs

Why not join a car club and save money and carbon?

UK motorists spend an average £3,500 a year on car tax, insurance, fuel, MOT and maintenance.

By joining a car club people tend to think more carefully about each trip they make and use other travel options such as cycling, public transport and walking. Using a range of travel options, you can drive less and save more.

Car clubs typically cost from around £60 per year with hourly hire rates from £5.

If you used the car club on average one hour each day, you would spend around £1885 a year – nearly half that of the average UK car owner.

On average 25 private cars are taken off the road for every car club car. Fewer cars on the road and fewer trips means significant carbon emission reductions and better quality air.

Draft Long Term Transport Strategy (June 2014)

We have recently published our Draft Long Term Transport Strategy. It contains a range of policies, many of which will affect environmental aspects.

Policies that will have the main effects on the environment

7.2 Objective 1 – Improve International Links to Brent

  • Support improved access to Heathrow Airport.
  • Maintain support for Heathrow as predominant air hub for London.
  • Support improved international rail links from Brent to Europe.

7.6 Objective 5 – Improve the North Circular Road Regeneration Area

  • Create cycle paths and environmental buffers / open space within the area.
  • Implement measures which improve air quality and reduce the negative impacts of pollution.

7.7 Objective 6 – Improve Brent’s Town Centres

  • Provide attractive, safe and secure cycle and walking routes into our Major Town, District and Local Centres.
  • Provide cycle parking at key town centre destinations.
  • Implement measures to improve air quality and reduce the negative impacts of pollution.

7.8 Objective 7 – Support Employment Locations

  • Encourage journeys to work to be made by public transport where possible.
  • Work with TfL to improve orbital bus links to employment destinations.
  • Ensure that employment centres are within 400m of a bus stop.
  • To promote parking management plans for business parks and employment locations.

7.9 Objective 8 – Create Sustainable, Attractive and Safe Neighbourhoods

  • Ensure that the majority of residents are within 400m of a bus stop.
  • Promote cycling and walking as the default mode for short journeys.
  • Seek opportunities to expand the provision of car clubs and electric vehicle infrastructure.

7.11 Objective 10 – Improve air quality and contribute towards climate change targets

  • Support more households in Brent to live without a car.
  • Minimise the quantity of air pollutants caused by vehicle emissions.
  • Develop and promote congestion reduction measures.
  • Promote cycling and walking within the borough.
  • Encourage use of public transport within the borough.
  • Manage flood events and deliver remedial works as appropriate.
  • Promote sustainable urban drainage systems for new developments and residential driveways.

7.12 Objective 11 – Support improved frequency and connectivity by bus

  • Work with TfL to improve the frequency and routing of bus services.
  • Support service enhancements with infrastructure improvements where appropriate.
  • Support improved bus stop infrastructure to minimise delay and improve passenger comfort and information provision.

7.13 Objective 12 – Ensure that high quality cycle links are provided across the borough

  • Support or lobby for the development of new cycle routes to address severance and provide good access throughout the borough.
  • That new cycle routes be supported by education, information and awareness building initiatives.
  • Support Superhighways, Quietways and linkages into the central London Grid and Crossrail for Bikes.
  • To promote cross-borough cycle links.
  • Expand TfL’s Cycle Hire scheme into the south of the borough.

For more information please view the Draft Long Term Transport Strategy (June 2014)