Big London Energy Switch

The Big London Energy Switch is a collective switching scheme currently run by over 20 London Boroughs, including Brent.

It works by bringing together a large group of residential consumers and using this collective volume to secure better deals from energy suppliers in an auction process.

This process is managed by a switching broker called iChoosr, appointed by Big London Energy Switch to run the scheme.

This collective switching scheme offers a customised tariff that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Since the scheme began in April 2013 over 2,600 households in Brent have signed up and those Brent residents that have switched suppliers in the last five auctions have saved on average over £200 a year on their energy bills.

Register your interest in the Big London Energy Switch

What happens when you register

You will receive a tariff offer, with details of exactly how much money you could potentially save if you choose to accept the offer.

The offer will come from the energy company that has offered the lowest price at each auction.

If you register you will receive an offer a few days after the auction close and have a month in which to consider it.  If the deal is not suitable you are under no obligation to accept the offer.