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Low carbon schools project

The Low Carbon Schools website

The Low Carbon Schools website is a unique tool for Brent’s schools and we encourage schools make use of the resources hosted upon it.

Schools can access a range of resources to help them become more sustainable and energy efficient.

Things to do


In recent years Brent council has sought to help its schools reduce their carbon emissions.

As the local authority's single largest energy user they have the potential to make the biggest contribution to efforts within the borough to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Low Carbon Schools Programme which began in April 2012 and completed in March 2013, is an evolution of the Carbon Trust's Collaborative Low Carbon Schools Programme which Brent took part in in 2011.

Key positive outcomes of the project were:

  • web page accessible to all Brent schools
  • collectively schools reduced their energy by 9 per cent, their CO2 emissions by 5.3 per cent, and achieved a larger overall saving of £172K over two years for a £90K upfront (1 year programme of implementation) investment
  • 23 schools involved in the bespoke service with support from two dedicated officers, one specialising in technical energy efficiency measures, the other in behaviour change
  • 23 schools involved in the bespoke service reduced their energy by 13 per cent and CO2 emissions by 7 per cent, saving almost £87k over the two year period (based on a one year programme of implementation).

See video below showing how four local schools, Harlesden, Preston Park, St. Joseph's and Brentfield Primary Schools are all working hard to save energy and improve their carbon emissions.


About the website

The website is hosted on the schools extranet which is a password protected and therefore only accessible to Brent schools.

The resource pages give schools a range of guidance on:

  • what behaviour changes can be adopted to become more energy efficient, and
  • changes can be made to improve the efficiency of the school buildings.

If you are a member of staff at a school, you can get the login for the extranet - username and password, either from your school or by emailing us at

Once on the extranet, you will see a link to Low Carbon Schools on the right-hand side of the page. Click on the link and the Low Carbons Schools web page will open.

There are three levels of access.

  • New intake schools – password protected 
  • Existing partner schools - password protected
  • Entry level schools – Accessible to all schools

The pages accessible to all schools, called ‘Entry level schools’, do not require a further login, just click on the link.

If you are a school that participated in the 1st or 2nd year of the Low Carbon Schools Programme – i.e. existing partner school or new intake school - your individual login details for these pages remain the same.

Please email if you would like your username and password reset.