Community Champions

Community Champions image with map highlighting the boroughs of Alperton and Churchend. It also shows three post it notes with handwritten notes.Community Champions are local people who have an interest in the health of their community and volunteer their time on the Brent Health Matters Programme. Each community champion is connected to one of five ‘hyper-local’ area in Brent.

Every champion will be involved in the programme in a way that is unique to them.

Some champions will be involved a lot, while others may only be able to listen and share Brent Health Matters health messages.

The minimum we expect is champions have a one-to-one check-in once every six weeks.

To become a Community Champion please register your interest via 

Please note that the link may not work in Internet Explorer – we recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Alternatively please email us at and we will happily help you through the process.


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