Community Champions

Who are Community Champions and what do they do?

Community Champions are local people who have an interest in the health of their community and volunteer their time on the Brent Health Matters Programme.

Some champions may represent a specific group or organisation, while others may be local residents who want to connect more about community health.

Each community champion is connected to one of five ‘hyper-local’ areas and is invited to the monthly local Community Champion Meetings and Forum Meetings.

Every champion is involved in the programme in a way that is unique to them. Some champions will be involved a lot and work with many parts of the programme; while others may only want to listen learn about the health issues affecting their area and share Brent Health Matters health messages.

The core aim remains the same – to champion positive health related messages in their community with the support of local community and health services.

This role is suitable for all experience levels. The minimum we expect is champions have a one-to-one check-in about once every six weeks, learn about local health messages, and share these messages in their networks where possible.

Beyond this, the role can grow with individual availability, experience and interest. To understand how becoming a champion could work for you, please arrange a call with someone from our team by emailing us at

Become a champion

To apply to become a Community Champion please email:

Register Your Interest


Community Champion Support

Coordinators will have regular one-to-one check-ins with each champion at a frequency that works for both parties

These calls will be a key opportunity for a one-to-one conversation to allow Champions to:

  • Share how the programme is working for them
  • Share their unique perspectives of them and their community

Meet some of our existing champions! 



Umesh has lived in Brent for 25 years, moving from Nepal where he was a lawyer. As well as being a Community Champion, he runs a weekly newspaper for the Nepalese community.

"It’s my passion and my pleasure to work with different communities of people and share our experiences. I’m learning from them too".

"As a Community Champion I’ve spread awareness to people in the community regarding Covid-19, vaccines and testing".



Jasmine was born and bred in Brent, and owns a hairdressers and restaurant on Blackbird Hill. She became a Community Champion because she is very passionate about her community.

"I became a Community Champion because of what I do. As a black business owner of 19 years, my belief is to use my learnt skills to build my community".

"The most rewarding element has been that people are taking note of what we’ve been doing, and we’re finding a solution to the situation".



Suraj was born in Mumbai and moved to Brent in 2016, where he has lived ever since. He is a NHS Physiotherapist as well as a Community Champion.

"Being BAME I understand the health inequalities we face. I was looking for something to do within the community and I found out about Brent Health Matters".

"Covid has exposed so many things, and my goal is ensuring a healthy Brent".



Sharon has lived in Brent all her life. In addition to being a Community Champion, she runs her own Community Interest Company to support vulnerable children and young adults - and cares for her daughter, who has autism.

"As a Community Champion I have connected people to the help they need, and have been a listening ear".

"I would recommend being a Community Champion. It is always good to give back to the community".

Where we are involved

Wembley Alperton
Northwick Park
Tokyngton (aka Monks Park)
Wembley Central

Kensal Green


Brondesbury Park
Queens Park


Dollis Hill
Dudden Hill
Welsh Harp
Willesden Green

Kingsbury and Kenton



Yoel Berhane Kingsbury and Kenton
Nabina Ibrahim Kilburn
Lee Pittock Wembley
Shanti Chingen Willesden
Najla Ahmed Harlesden


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