Save money on waste collections by reducing waste and recycling more. 

  1. Find out where your waste comes from
  2. Eliminate and reduce waste where possible
  3. Opt for reusable items
  4. Manage your printing and paper consumption
  5. Engage staff in recycling initiatives
  6. Invest in colour-coded bins and colourful labels to help staff remember which bin is which
  7. Lots of businesses who recycle their waste say it improves their reputation with the local community, so publicise the work you’re doing to make your business more sustainable!

Every business is different, but there are lots of examples of businesses making positive changes to reduce the amount of waste they create.

The #PlasticFreeWembley trial showed local hospitality businesses how easy it was to swap plastic products like cups and cutlery for biodegradable alternatives.

 The 10p plastic bag charge encouraged consumers to reuse them or use canvas alternatives. Meanwhile many cafes are incentivising customers to bring their own reusable cups with them, with small discounts for doing so. Small nudges can make a big difference.