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Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) Fund

The NCIL Fund provides grants for community projects that support the regeneration of the borough.  At least 15 per cent of all the money we collect from new, eligible, developments in the borough must be spent on priorities that are agreed in consultation with the local community.

Brent is divided into five ‘CIL Neighbourhoods’; Harlesden, Kilburn and Kensal, Kingsbury and Kenton, Wembley, and Willesden.  The value of NCIL grant funding available may vary between Neighbourhoods.  

Which CIL Neighbourhood will the project be delivered in? 

To find out which CIL Neighbourhood your project will be in, please use the search box below. If there is more than one location please do multiple searches.



You can also see the Current CIL Neighbourhood Boundaries 

In areas that contain a Neighbourhood Forum with an adopted 'Neighbourhood Development Plan', we will spend 25 per cent of CIL receipts collected in each Neighbourhood Forum Area on Neighbourhood projects. Read more about Neighbourhood Planning

How are CIL Neighbourhood priorities decided?

Priorities for each CIL Neighbourhood are set for three years, following consultation with ward members, residents, businesses and other stakeholders. 

Priorities for each Neighbourhood Forum will be agreed and set for the duration of their Neighbourhood Development Plan. 

The 3-year consultation ended in February 2020 and the whole NCIL process is now under review. We will upload information later in the year when the process and priorities have been agreed.

How do I submit Neighbourhood project ideas? 

Once Neighbourhood Priorities have been agreed, community organisations, residents, businesses, and other stakeholders are invited to submit proposals for funding that align to these priorities 

A scheme will not be funded unless it meets all 7 essential criteria. All shortlisted projects must demonstrate that they: 

  1.      Meet the CIL Regulations (2010) as amended
  2.      Evidence community backing
  3.      Address the demands that development places on an area
  4.      Reflect the priorities of the council & CIL Neighbourhood
  5.      Be one-off projects that do not require additional revenue funding in their delivery or operation (or identify how additional revenue funding may be met)
  6.      Benefit diverse Brent communities
  7.      Offer value for money  

For further information download the shortlisting (eligibility) criteria explained 

Please note: This is under review and will be updated later in the year.

The times when Neighbourhood CIL project proposals may be submitted are under review and will be updated later in the year.

The NCIL panel score submitted project proposals according to how well they meet the shortlisting criteria (the numbered points above). They consider the scores and the funds available in the different NCIL neighbourhoods to agree which projects to fund. 

Projects that are not shortlisted will also receive notification and may request feedback with support to apply for the next round if applicable. 

All project applications must be submitted by the application deadline using our grants portal. 

Where can I get help to develop my project ideas? 

You are welcome to have a 1 to 1 appointment with a member of the NCIL team or with our capacity-building partners, CVS Brent. Please contact to book. 

Please note: We will not be holding 1 to 1 appointments until the new process and priorities are agreed for NCIL later this year.

For further information, read the guidance contained in these web pages along with Brent Council’s standard terms and conditions of funding   

What types of projects have been awarded funding? 

View the current list of projects that have been awarded funding or view our interactive map

Please note: It takes us some time to update what has been awarded and we do not publish for each round until the final stage is met with all the funding agreements being signed. This can take up to 12 months after the round closes.

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