Al Iman Arabic School

To teach children and young people in Arab community their mother-tongue language and non Arab as a second language, which is the Arabic. To make a difference to the children who are refugees in their status by giving them a chance to take part in various activities in the school and prevent the sense of socially isolated. To promote and encourage young people to achieve higher standards in life, both at school and at work. To provide courses in computing, information technology and vocationaltraining for children, youth and adults that will enhance the future prospects of the participants. To organise family outings to educational establishments, museums, exhibitions and other places of interest. To promote Arabic culture, art and education. To encourage a better understanding and appreciation of the Arabic community in the Brent area and assist it in integrating into the larger community. To engage the children and youth, boys and girls, in summer activities, like camping and educational and sporting trips.


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