Brent Fairtrade Network

Fairtrade enables producers in poor countries to work their way out of poverty. It offers guarantees of minimum prices, a price premium for community priorities and basic social and environmental protection. The Fairtrade logo certifies to consumers that these standards are being met. Products range from coffee, tea and sugar to flowers, cotton and gold. Fairtrade is now helping millions of farmers and producers in poor countries to build a better life for themselves, their families and communities, through solidarity that links them with people shopping in Brent. Brent Fairtrade Network is a local group that promotes Fairtrade in Brent and works with the Council to sustain Brent's status as a Fairtrade Borough, won in 2012. Our activities include: We visit shops and cafes to encourage them to sell Fairtrade products; We promote Fairtrade to schools, colleges, faith and community groups, businesses and other organisations in Brent; We seek to expand the use of Fairtrade products in the Council's own activities; We hold awareness raising events and run stalls at events around the Borough with a focus on Fairtrade Fortnight in early March; We get publicity and media attention whenever we can.


30 Windermere Avenue, London, NW6 6LN


Peter Moore


020 8933 5848