Brent Neighbourhood Watch Association

The aims of the charity are to advise the residents of the borough of Brent about crime prevention. This is achieved by the setting up of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes on every road. A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is where residents on a road come together, with the purpose of working together to improve the safety of the road on which they live. They work in partnership with their local police safer neighbourhoods team, to make their area a safe place to live in. A scheme is made up of co-ordinators and members. The co-ordinator is the lead person in the scheme, who is responsible for the distribution of crime prevention information to the members. This involves organising quarterly meetings to keep the Members informed of any information that may be useful. Each co-ordinator and Member is registered with the charity. The benefits of joining a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme are that it has been proven that where a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme exists, crime does come down. Each co-ordinator or member receives a neighbourhood watch sticker for display on your front window. Some insurance companies may also offer a discount on your home insurance when you advise them you are a co-ordinator or member of Neighbourhood Watch.


38 Salusbury Road, London, NW6 6LT


Ann Ring


07502 426 038