Brent Parks Forum

The purpose of the Brent Residents and Parks Forum ("the Forum") is to enable the Residents Associations and Parks Groups in the Borough of Brent to come together to share information and to communicate as a collective voice on designated issues to address those issues principally with the London Borough of Brent ("Brent") and other bodies including Members of Parliament, the Police, the Press and such other bodies and persons as are considered appropriate. We are evolving out of the North Brent Forum to cover Brent as a whole, split into 4 clusters; North South East and West. Each Cluster will work on their own specific issues and collaborate with each other. Our AGM is in April. Our Memorandum of Understanding has been lodged with Brent's Chief Executive.


C/o Tenterden Pavilion, HA3 0QQ


Suzanne, Joy or Pam.